Monday, February 7, 2011

Mango + Anna

I'm on a budget as I am moving to New York in a couple of months, BUT I have a list of items I need to get before I leave. Sure, they are not entirely necessary, but if I want to look professional during my job search and don't want to hurt my eyes when New York summer roles around then I definitely need a nice pair of slacks and some sunglasses right? So I thought I would browse for some sales. I ended up ordering these simple slacks (in black):

marked down from $60 to $16!
And these sunglasses (not in black):

I only felt bad for like two I can't wait until they arrive. I hope the pants fit me since I've never purchased pants online and all of mine seem to be different sizes!

As for Anna Karenina, I'm almost done and at an interesting point when one of the characters actually admires Anna's infidelity which makes me hate Anna's character more and that character less (Don't ask). I seem to be reading slower lately but hopefully my new healthy diet will help boost my concentration (I've given up coffee, alcohol, and dessert...and I feel great!)

Since I have two months left in San Francisco, my future posts will probably revolve around things I'm going to miss about San Francisco (A LOT), and later, things I love about New York (assuming I love anything about New York :P).

Later skaters.

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